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Harrington's Store

Character Defining Elements

Harrington's Store

Character Defining Elements

Harrington’s landscape values are seen in:

-Its two-story rectangular facade.

-Its proximity to lot lines and boardwalk on both streets.

-Its relationship to nearby historic buildings.

-The connection to the street provided by large display windows.

-The orientation of the main entrance to the street corner.

Harrington’s architectural values are visible in both what makes the building representative and fit in with streetscape, as well as those elements which set it apart. These include but are not limited to:

-Light wooden frame,

-Boomtown front,

-Ornamental double door, and oriel window at the salient angle with supporting column,

-Symmetry of neighbouring fenestration with the main entrance,

-Change in fenestration size and style by storey,

-The 4 and 8 light theme in the fenestration,

-Exterior entrance to the second storey,

-Painted cove siding,

-Unmoulded window and door trim, as well as corner boards,

-Thin belt course between storeys,

-Paneled frieze,

-Boxed cornice.

Social values are seen in the building’s presence as a Dawson landmark stemming from its history of commercial and public use in a prominent intersection in the Downtown Heritage Character Area.