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S.S. Keno National Historic Site Of Canada

Construction Period: From 1906 to 1939

Designation Level: Federal

in Dawson City

S.S. Keno National Historic Site of Canada is a steam powered sternwheeler river vessel which rests on the bank of the Yukon River beside Front Street in Dawson, Yukon Territory.

Construction Period: From 1906 to 1939        Designation Level: Federal

Designation Date: May 15, 1962

The S.S. Keno was designated a national historic site of Canada because it is representative of Yukon lake and river sternwheeler steamers.

The heritage value of the S.S. Keno resides in its completeness and legibility as a fast water shallow drafter sternwheeler steamer representative of the type of vessel built for Yukon water transportation. The S.S. Keno was built in Whitehorse in 1922 to move ore from Mayo Landing on the Stewart River to Stewart Island on the Yukon River. In 1937 it was cut in half to permit three meters to be added to its length, increasing its freight capacity. She was retired at the close of river navigation in 1953, re-furbished in 1960 and sailed downriver to Dawson where it is managed as a historic site open to the public.

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