Yukon Register of Historic PlacesYRHP

Former Territorial Court House National Historic Site

Character Defining Elements

Aspects of this site that contribute to its heritage value include:

- the building's orientation and prominent location within the townsite;

- the monumental presence and dominant profile of the building with its long, rectangular two-and-a-half-storey massing under a metal hipped roof topped with a lantern;

- its classically inspired design with its symmetrically organized multi-bay façade with a central entry, slightly projecting pedimented flanking pavilions, and details such as the second-storey balcony over the entrance with columns and balustrade;

- its wood-frame construction adapted to cope with permafrost and fine finishing details, all evocative of high standards of craftsmanship;

- the surviving major public spaces in their original axial configuration, materials, and workmanship relating to the building's original function as a court house;

- the viewscapes and relationship between the building and other historic buildings comprising the Dawson Historical Complex National Historic Site of Canada.