Yukon Register of Historic PlacesYRHP

Former Territorial Court House National Historic Site

Construction Style

Rectangular building with the long facade facing west. Shiplap siding with corner boards and metal gable roof. West elevation has pediment gable roofs on north and south wings and continuous eaves across facade. Doric capitals on columns on the second floor balconet and on each side of the ionic capital columns on the ground floor, west wall. Double doors are centered between two ionic capital columns on ground floor. Moulded freize, plain soffits, and projecting eaves are continuous around the building. Frame cupola with a metal pyramidal roof centered between the pediment gables on the west wall. Circular windows on the north/south walls of cupola with decorative brackets. Single hung windows with shaped header trim and lug sills on first floor. Second floor windows on the balconet have continuous header trim. Moulded frieze forms header trim for the remaining second floor windows. Open staircase with platform, railings and metal shed roof over single entrance on south wall. East wall has closed porch, single door. East part of roof face has two gable roof dormers with louvred ventilation on east wall of dormer. North wall has open staircase, platform and railings with shed roof over entrance on first and second floors. Truncated metal hip roof on north addition.